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Book Larder is a Seattle-based independent bookshop and is one of a handful of cookbook-dedicated shops in the Northern Hemisphere. I admire the focus (all things cookery) and persistence (open throughout the lock-down measures) of the very friendly team as well as the huge range of cookery books they supply.

I was fortunate that Book Larder hosted me and Spice Williams-Crosby in an online event to launch The Contented Vegan in the USA. We had an animated conversation led by Book Larder staff member, Meghna Jaradi, which you can listen to here.

But don’t stop there! Check out the Book Larder website for their blog, more talk events and news of the latest cuisine and cookery book releases.

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THE CONTENTED VEGAN is a complete guide to the emerging vegan lifestyle. Based on two decades experience of raising a vegan family.

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