“The Contented Vegan” by Peggy Brusseau published by Head of Zeus
Peggy Brusseau, author or “The Contented Vegan” published by Head of Zeus


From Peggy Brusseau

Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of people and their families make the transition to a vegan, plant-based diet - happily and healthily.

And I’d love to help you, as well!

My new book, The Contented Vegan, is a great start.  Built on decades of my own experience.

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THE CONTENTED VEGAN is a complete guide to the emerging vegan lifestyle. Based on two decades experience of raising a vegan family.

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Professor Andrew Knight
Professor Andrew Knight
Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, University of Winchester

Warning: the mouth-wateringly delicious meals stylishly presented and gorgeously photographed in this book will not make you feel better. Not immediately. If you’re like me, they will make you ravenously hungry! And keen to hit the kitchen. Fortunately, the very simple instructions will help you quickly solve this problem, even if your cooking skills are as basic as my own. You will then feel better, and the longer you follow this book, the better you will feel.

In her engaging, informative style, Peggy Brusseau explains why. She explores the nutritional benefits of the vegan diet, which is now taking the world by storm. You’ll even learn why it’s also better for your children, and potentially, for your pets. As a veterinarian, I was pleased to see pets included. And as a super busy person, I was also pleased to see the time indications given, to prepare each recipe.

Ivy Snow
Ivy Snow
Amazon Customer

Such a beautiful book and perfect for a brand new start to the year!

The recipes are easy to follow and brought some really nice variety in ingredients into my diet.  This would make a great gift, for yourself or for someone looking to make an easy transition to trying out veganism.

Amazon Customer


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