Permanent Job-Share Placement

Over the next decade or two, humans will be challenged to redefine their relationship with the biosphere, its systems and all the species living within it. Every person can participate in this transition.

As you will see, the following ‘job description’ is very broad; it covers more than one person can accomplish by themselves. That’s why it’s called a job-share: we need to work together.

That said, every individual is important. The world needs bright sparks, people who can help turn a crisis into a turning point. There is great potential for creativity, innovation and new forms of expertise to emerge from the work described. New ideas – big ideas – are needed that will create beneficial environmental and social changes, both locally and globally.

The sooner, the better.

Candidates for the job are encouraged to focus first on the tasks that match their current circumstances and abilities. Don’t worry: further opportunities will emerge over time. Every contribution is important.

Ideal Candidates

Any person living anywhere on the planet.

Starting Date


Job-Share Description

Feed the world’s population (10 billion by 2050) sufficient calories and nutrients to keep them healthy, without using more land for agriculture.

Shift the global food system toward a largely plant-based diet.

Greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the production of animal-based foods (especially from ruminants such as beef and dairy cattle and lamb).

Improve the management of animal and human waste and curtail the use of nitrous oxide-producing fertilizers on crops.

Reinstate regional food crops to ensure maximum nutrient value in local and staple foods.

Stop using fossil fuels and devise clean, safe and efficient energy sources.

Prevent the release of short-term pollutants (these include methane, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and soot (black carbon)).

Clean up waterways and restore imperiled habitats and ecosystems.

Guardian the protection and restoration of endangered species of plant, animal and insect.

Initiate stewardship schemes that will prevent the need for land-use change.

Grow an abundance and variety of plant foods for direct human consumption.

Reduce food waste at every stage of food production, from harvest to plate.

Reform the global food system to ensure food security and reduce inequalities.

Provide universal education, for women and girls as well as men and boys.

Protect and strengthen human rights but stabilize the growth of global population.

Recognize human reliance on the biosphere and prevent exploitation of it.

Your Role

Do what you can today; do what you can tomorrow.

You can always do something, but you cannot do it all and you cannot do it alone.


Read the Alliance of World Scientists and the Six Steps here.

Peggy Brusseau

Peggy Brusseau

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